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What happens with my initial deposit?

After your contract has matured you can withdraw your initial deposit or extend the contract for one more year.

How does StreamlineForex AI works.

AI trading algorithms are automated systems that operate in accordance with the parameters set by the developer and allows trading without any human intervention utilizing up to 9 Forex brokers worldwide. An AI forex trading robot allows you to go about your life and other activities while it earns passive income for you.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings by Wire transfer, Bank transfer, Payeer or any cryptocurrency listed.

What are the working hours of Forex market?

Forex market is open from 22:00 GMT Sunday (opening of Australia trading session) till 22:00 GMT Friday (closing of USA trading session).

Why should I invest with you?

StreamlineForex has been in the market since 2013 and over 300, 000 satisfied customers globally. Every business is created by people and survives by benefiting their Customers, we wouldn’t survive if our Customers didn`t trust us. Our AI has started showing positive dynamics back in 2014 which means that over the past 5 years the number of successful bids made by our robot significantly exceeds the number of unprofitable ones. Our team is constantly improving our AI technology by developing new algorithms and upgrading the system, striving to deliver the best service to our Customers. Today, more than 300, 000 people around the world get passive income with StreamlineForex.

Is it possible to lose money?

The stop-loss system is set to minimize your losses on bad days. The company uses no leverage, this means the company never borrows money and is trading only with its own funds and its customers` funds, which significantly minimizes the trading risks. The company guarantees the safety of your funds. This means that when the company suffers a loss its customers make no profit, and any losses are compensated from the reserve fund of the company.